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Curated Products

Great sustainable, practical and user friendly products for you.


Other members help you make better decisions including finding new products.

Continuous Improvement

Finding for new products and accelerating the sustainability of the supply chain.

The Avocado Co-op's bottom line is to help its members live more sustainably.
We created a co-op so that everyone involved can own a part of the organization we are building.

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From sustainability to technology to retail our board has it covered.

Picture of Michael Anttila

Michael Anttila

Software developer interested in sustainable living and preserving the environment for future generations. Consumers have the power to make a difference, and we need to make it easy for everyone to choose environmentally friendly options.

Picture of Heather Bigelow

Heather Bigelow

Heather works in the Sustainable Transportation sector. Graduate of the Environment and Business Program at the University of Waterloo. Proud supporter of Co-ops. Believes that businesses can do well by doing good.

Picture of Jennifer Lynes

Jennifer Lynes

Professor at the University of Waterloo who focuses on marketing for sustainability initiatives. Current chair of REEP Green Solutions. Hopes this co-op will make it easier for people in our community to source sustainable products and services and to share their knowledge about sustainable living.

Picture of Alicia Mah

Alicia Mah

Community connector, Director at Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and Corporate Secretary with Bread & Roses. Strongly believes that local & ethical investment in Canadian businesses will bring forth a more sustainable future.

Picture of Jessica O'Connor

Jessica O'Connor

Master in Biology and Sustainability who helps coordinate the Velocity Science program at the University of Waterloo. Fierce attention to detail and passionate drive to create great experiences underpin the best of what this organization can be.

Picture of Albert O'Connor

Albert O’Connor

Web developer with an interest in sustainable living and desire to work to make thing better. The future will shift towards sustainable thinking and we have an opportunity to make huge contribution by being a leader.

Picture of Jay Solanki

Jay Solanki

Former wholesale business owner, current student at the University of Waterloo and avid cyclist, Jay believes that an actively engaged co-operative has great potential to help us live more sustainably.

Picture of Kathleen Stahlbaum

Kathleen Stahlbaum

Environment and Business grad from the University of Waterloo with a background in sustainability and a knack for getting others involved. Interested in the capacity of the community driven, cooperative model to promote more responsible environmental lifestyle amongst our local community.